Pets now have their own airline

Pet Airways is a new airline launching in May that will fly pets in the main cabin from LA to America’s east coast.

“Pawsengers” will be riding in style in their own pet carriers in the planes’ climate-controlled cabins. That means no more cargo.

Each flight has a pet attendant on board at all times, and the airline will start with a fleet of twenty planes, ranging from twin props to 727s.

Flights start at $149 and are available to and from New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles.

Only dogs and cats are currently allowed. Sadly, only your pet can fly, not you. But the airline plans to expand to include other pets.

Potty breaks for pets are provided two hours before takeoff. And, you can even track your pet during flights by receiving timely information.

According to a study by the San Francisco SPCA, about 2 million pets ride in plane cargo areas each year, and about 5,000 of them are injured during the trip.

Flora by Gucci Fragrance

New fragrance by the house of Gucci, named Flora by Gucci, aims at young customers and it was inspired by a floral motive.

The name comes from their “iconic” floral print Flora which was first revealed on a Gucci scarf back in in 1966 for the royal Princess Grace.

Flora is, after Gucci by Gucci, the second fragrance under creative leadership of the house of Giannini from Florence.

Advertising face is Abbey Lee, Australian model, who is wearing a silk dress with floral print.

In a shot by Chris Cunningham in a cornfield in Latvia, Lee is captured as standing in the middle of more than 40000 silky flowers dancing in rhythm of wind with musical background of original remix - “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer.

Inez & Vinoodh photographed advertising materials with a floral pattern.

Diamond-encrusted Nivea jar

Nivea Visage has launched a special diamond encrusted jar of their Expert Lift Cream. All proceedswill go to the from the sale of this special edition jar Breast cancer care charity, which helps support women in difficult times.

The jar is encrusted with 441 ethically sourced white diamonds set in stunning white gold and has been tailor-made to crown any jar of NIVEA Visage Expert Lift Day or Night Cream.

The blingtastic edition of Nivea’s classic moisturiser will be auctioned off at a charity dinner next month, and is expected to fetch £80,000 ($120,000).

The buyer of the special jar will also receive a year’s supply of Nivea Visage Expert Lift, a new skincare range that is specifically designed for women over 50.

Times Are Good For The Private Jet Repo Man

Ever wonder what happens when private jet owners can't pay the bills? Salon has a piece on Nick Popovich of Sage-Popovich, Inc., a firm that repossesses private jets. Popovich could easily write a book about his adventures. He's wound up in jail and faced down threats and all sorts of dangers in order to get planes out of the hands of those who can no longer afford them. The economy has been unkind to the wealthy lately and as you might expect, Popovich's business is booming. His specialty is jumbo jets and he has repo-ed 1,300 of them earning six-figure fees in the process. The jobs vary in level of difficulty, he's flown around the world to chase down private jets and recently was charged with retrieving 240 corporate helicopters from a chain of flight schools. The article makes for fascinating reading and Popovich sounds like a ready-made lead character for a thriller, an adventurer with a cool head and quotes like "It's like a giant chess game, and the stakes can be your life."

The Ultimate Flying Machine? BMW trims out business jet

BMW DesignworksUSA Falcon 7X business jet interior - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Thanks to its unique "ability to create designs consistent with individual brands, as exemplified by BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars," Dassault Aviation tasked BMW Group DesignworksUSA with the job of outfitting the interior of its newest Falcon 7X business jet. The results were just debuted at the European business aviation community event in Geneva, and John Rosanvallon, President and CEO of Dassault Falcon, sounds pleased. He says, "Thanks to DesignworksUSA's transportation design expertise and hard work, the new Falcon 7X interior cabin reflects our goal to define a new level of flying experience."

Sounds like a winner to us. According to Verena Kloos, BMW Group DesignworksUSA President, "DesignworksUSA created the theme of "Elegance and Style fused with Function." Our concept focuses on the sensory elements of the flying experience emphasizing form follows feeling."

It's hard to say what that means exactly, but one of the more interesting design elements has to be the lighting solution, which creates the effect of a starry night sky through the use of what appears to be little LEDs embedded in the ceiling and larger glowing orbs in the valence panels. Looks like a pretty nice place to spend some time while jet-setting to your next chosen destination. Check out the full press release after the break for more.


First Weightless Wedding Planned

Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan (pictured below) will be the first couple to be married in zero gravity.

The couple, lifelong space fans will exchange rings and vows on June 20, in front of their closest family and friends aboard a modified Boeing 727-200 plane owned by the Zero Gravity Corp.

The plane will depart from Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Fla., and make steep dives while airborne to give the passengers eight full minutes of weightlessness, just as astronauts experience while flying in space.

The maneuver goes this way: The plane heads upward at about a 45-degree angle, then starts downward again at about a 30-degree angle–weightlessness occurs as the plane goes over the top of that parabolic curve. (the plane featured above is an Airbus)

The lovebirds had their wedding wardrobe especially designed for the occasion.

The bride will wear a multilayered white gown by Japanese designer Eri Matsui and the groom will be in a tux with tapered tails to ensure their clothes don’t reveal too much.

The bride and groom will even exchange special rings designed by jeweler Chris Ploof made with pieces of metal from the Gibeon meteorite, a space rock made of an iron-nickel alloy that crashed into the Earth 30,000 years ago.

The couple paid $5,400 per person for themselves and 10 guests to take the ride, though some guests are paying part of their own tickets.

“Noah and I are throwing a lot of money at our crazy wedding because private space travel is a cause we really believe in,” Finnegan wrote.

“Noah wanted to get married in space but we probably won’t be able to afford it for another 25 to 50 years - so I suggested this as a compromise,” she said.


Gulfstream IVSP: A jet liner for business as well as pleasure

Luxurious transport is a fad among the elite these days. And if you believe in following the latest elite trends you have to be seen in one of the many luxurious modes of transports. And here is the latest luxurious mode of transport that goes by the name - Gulfstream IVSP. This luxurious jet liner has been updated and modified to fit the elite class. Equipped with 11 seats, this jet promises luxury like no other. Currently based in Texas, this jet incorporates style and class in the most unique way. The perfect jet for business travel, it even boats of a conference room. And of course for entertainment there are ultra thin monitors to make sure the luxury traveler is never bored.

Ed Shadle turns a jet fighter into the world's fastest car

Many men and women love to live life in the fast lane. And vehicles that satisfy their needs for speed give them a certain kind of high. Here is another speed junkie who is set to take his passion for speed to another level. Ed Shadle is busy converting an old fighter jet into a land vehicle capable of going 800MPH! Wondering where he managed to get the fighter in the first place? Here’s the story. Long time ago (actually ten years ago), Ed Shadle managed to buy a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter for $25,000, and since then he and his buddies have spent the years since turning it into the world's fastest hot rod. Ed and his buddies aim to break the land speed record last year, shooing for 800MPH! Here’s wishing Ed and his buddy’s success! I seriously wish their dream comes true.


 Starbucks is trying to sell the $45 million corporate jet it bought last month.

Starbucks’ new jet - a Gulfstream 550 - has made only 15 flights, according to Avpro’s online sales pitch.

Several of those landings were in Honolulu and Kona, Hawaii, during a two-week trip apparently taken by CEO Howard Schultz.

A Starbucks spokeswoman said the company ordered the 19-seat plane three years ago and determined that canceling delivery would be too expensive.


 Citigroup buys $50 million corporate jet

The New York Post’s Jennifer Keil and Chuck Bennett reported in Monday’s paper that Citigroup is about to upgrade to a new $50 million, twelve-seat corporate jet.

The New York Post, citing “a source familiar with the deal,” reported today that Citigroup executives authorized the purchase of a new Dassault Falcon 7X, which seats 12 in leather seats and sofas and includes a custom entertainment center.

Citigroup received $45 billion from the government last year, including a $20 billion emergency infusion in November.





Embraer Lineage 1000 Corporate Jet

The Embraer Lineage 1000 is largely based on the highly successful Embraer passenger jet, the E-190. Manufactured by the Brazilian aerospace firm Embraer, the Lineage is an “ultra-large” business jet with comfortable seating for 19 passengers but many more in a less comfortable configuration.


The Lineage 1000 is the largest designated jet except for the Boeing Business Jet and Airbus Corporate Jet.

The jet also boasts a lavish interior, divided into up to 5 sections including an optional bedroom, washroom with running water, and a walk in cargo area at the rear.


The range of the Lineage 1000 in comparison to the E-190 is nearly double due to its added fuel tanks in the cargo hold. Due to this added range the plane can fly from New York to Brasilia with out stopping. Price : $41 million







 Private Jets: Not Just for the Rich and Famous

Launched in May, Geneva-based LunaJets helps travellers to purchase empty leg flights at substantially reduced prices. Empty legs are private jets returning home empty, and LunaJets offers them at prices as low as 50 to 80% off full private jet fare.

Its purpose is to offer passengers who currently fly business class, first class or the ex-Concorde passengers an affordable option to “upgrade” to the many advantages of business aviation travelling.

On you find a list of empty legs within Europe but also transatlantic, to and from Russia and the Middle East. Once you find the one that suits you, logon and buy your flight with your credit card.

LunaJets will call you to confirm your flight and organise your departure schedule. Registration is free, includes a personalized card, email alert on your favourite routes as soon as an empty leg is posted, but also offers an on-demand customized flight quotation service, and very soon a Jet Share forum where you can find other members willing to share a flight with you.

“It is the first time jet operators” explains LunaJets CEO Eymeric Segard, “have the option, for free, to offer and sell their empty leg flights directly and transparently to passengers, who in turn benefit from greatly discounted fares”.

LunaJets has developed a pricing structure that is fixed, and for the first time in the industry, open for all to see. “We calculated prices that are low enough for passengers to pay that extra premium to fly private but high enough to make it interesting for the jet operators.”
He adds “The prices are calculated on the flight time independent of cabin size, and allows passengers to compare our prices with commercial fares and discover the amazing value offered”.

Passengers can buy individual seats on flights shorter than 2h30min such as London to Paris or London to Geneva, or the whole cabin (8-14 passengers) for longer flights such as Dubai to Moscow or Dubai to London
LunaJets works with jet operators who have all their licence and insurance certificates up-to-date and only use aircraft that are younger than 15 years.

With such a simple concept and such an user-friendly website, LunaJets is making flying on private jets accessible to many more, and bringing to the industry new valuable investors.
By offering benefits to both travellers and jet operators LunaJets’ model offers a win-win proposition that could therefore prove to be more sustainable than creating a brand-new airline, particularly during difficult economic times.

The Hawker 450XP is the latest jet from Hawker Beechcraft and is the successor to the highly acclaimed Hawker 400XP. Based on the interior of the 900XP, it’s the most comfortable, most elegant and best equipped cabin ever offered in a light jet !

The Hawker 450XP also features significant improvements over the 400XP including a completely redesigned cabin and infotainment system, the Cabin Management System Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21, allowing individual passengers to utilize their personal electronic device of choice to catch up on work or enjoy a customized in-flight entertainment system.

The plane uses the new Pratt & Whitney PW535D turbofan engines which provide ten percent better fuel efficiency and a longer range.











Luxury news

  • Conference - January 21st - 23rd 2009
    Paris / France

    2009 4th Annual Luxury Real Estate International Conference


    European Ski Trip- January 23st - 31rd 2009
    Chamonix / France

    2009 13 th Annual Luxury Real Estate International Ski Trip



    The Luxury Summit 2009 will kick off with a Golf Tournament sponsored by Travel + Leisure Golf on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 8 AM.


    The FT Business of Luxury Summit 2009 will once again bring together senior luxury executives, corporate decision makers and financiers from around the world on 14-16 June in Monte-Carlo. This exclusive Summit, now in its fifth year, is regarded by the luxury industry as the premier thought-leadership forum for business
    International Music Summit 2009
    The International Music Summit (IMS) is set to return to Ibiza on May 27-29th 2009 after swiftly establishing itself as one of the most talked about music conferences of the year. Last year’s hugely successful inaugural summit brought together 300 of the most influential players at the cutting edge of the electronic music industry, marking the successful arrival of the key business and networking event in the dance music calendar.
    'Beijing 20068 Luxury Summit
    A wonderful business opportunity is set to take place this month as the Beijing 2008 Luxury Summit kicks off.This event, on October 20th and 21st, offers the opportunity for those in the luxuries business to network and create new business opportunities. The type of visitors who should attend this event includes retailers, trading companies and fashion magazine representatives.